Why Is Advertising On TV Better Than On Other Media? There are so many different advertising media. How does the average business owner know if he is picking the right one? Consider this, TV advertising gives you more bang for the dollar than other advertising media.

Large Audience

TV advertising works because it reaches the largest number of people, and this is the biggest advantage of television advertising. According to Nielsen more people watch television than any other leisure activity. In addition, the national television audience isn’t segmented like the average radio market. Keep in mind that there are more local radio stations than national television stations, which means that audiences are divided.

When it comes to listening to radio or watching television in local markets, there are fewer television stations. The same population that is divided among radio stations can only watch a certain number of television stations. More people will see your ad if you opt for TV advertising.

Also, remember that watching television is a popular pastime. People respond better to it than other advertising media such as telemarketing or direct mail. As a matter of fact, the average consumer finds these two forms of advertising very irritating. If your commercial is very informative and entertaining, people are more apt to respond to it than other types of advertising media.

Targeted Audience

It’s smart for business owners to purchase TV advertising spots that are shown when their targeted market is watching. For example, toy companies like to advertise toys on Saturday mornings when children watch cartoons. Or a bar may purchase spots during sports events. A business owner has the option to purchase TV sports with either a local or independent television stations. This is the best way to concentrate on their ideal targeted audience.

This is totally different from other advertising media. For instance, an average city newspaper has a general audience as opposed to a targeted one. The same thing can be said about radio advertising. Most radio listeners don’t listen to the same station all day long. They flip through stations to find enjoyable music, which means that a company would have to purchase spots on numerous stations to reach its target audience.


TV advertising is the leader among other media when it comes to sophistication. When visual and audio aspects are combined, advertising can be taken to a totally different level. Television gives you different camera shots, music, pictures and real-world scenarios. However, newspapers are flat and one dimensional, they lack appeal and sophistication.

Business owners are more successful when they can showcase their products via TV advertising instead of newspaper ads or telephone directories. Not only are these types of ads small and unappealing, but they are usually placed beside competitors’ ads. TV advertising can showcase products and show how they can benefit potential buyers. Good commercials prompt consumers to make instant buying decisions.

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