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Brand Strategy

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Your brand deserves to be recognised, noticed and remembered.

Promotional Graphic Design (PGD) is your go-to Perth brand agency for all your brand strategy needs including, strategic positioning, marketing campaigns and brand identity.

Your brand is everything … and it is more than just a logo. Everything emanating from your company should reflect its ethos and mission statement. It is the way you plan for the future, how you treat your customers; it’s your people, your culture, your facilities and much more.

It’s essential to clearly represent your brand through logo design, utilising your style guide, which means clients experience clear consistency and are left with a memorable message.

Our specialisation encompasses capturing the essence of your business, its people and target audience, creating a branding strategy from which everything else grows. Be proud of your brand with a process that represents your business, aims and target market.

Brand development and cohesion are crucial in growing the image of any business. If it is well planned, coordinated, and succinct, brand development will create a clear message that everyone who hears your name can remember. But developing this strong public perception takes strategy as well as skill to accomplish successfully.

We can help you to create a brand that truly reflects your company. We will analyse the strength of your current branding then design an implementation plan for success!

We provide the following services:

  • logo design
  • illustration
  • brochure design
  • catalogue design
  • print media
  • stationery
  • press releases
  • adverts
  • signage
  • social media
  • invoices
  • car wraps

Talk to us about developing your brand into an icon your customers will know, like and trust. Speak to our Perth branding team today.