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TV Advertising

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Promotional Graphics Design (PGD) is Perth’s one-stop agency when it comes to producing television advertisments and video production services.

PGD and TV advertising commercial production go hand in hand. As well as working with experts in the field, we source talent, locations, and provide scripts and branding for your creative and memorable project, providing a clear call to action. Visit our portfolio page for a snapshot of our work.

Research tells us that “TV remains the dominant medium for communicating brand messaging – it is more influential today than it ever was.” And “TV creates by far the best return on investment” (Think TV).
Radio, too is vital because it holds a daily captive audience with commuters. It is believed about 90% of our adult population use radio for over 20 hours per week. And radio is budget-friendly; it costs less to create than TV but is just as cost-effective.

Our extensive experience in budget and high-end commercials shows the trust placed in us by our many corporate and retail clients.

Commercial videography production is not just about shooting video or recording the sound. The true art of producing a great advertisement is in the script, delivery, and complex technical attributes that need to be combined to tell a company’s story.

We handle everything from concept to scriptwriting and storyboarding to casting talent, location scouting, and even crew catering! We liaise with leading experts who are masters of their craft, to help us take our vision and polish it into a quality advert.