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One powerful picture and a few well-chosen words can tell your story in an instant.

Whether you need conventional offset printing, promotional screen printing, contemporary digital methods or use of the latest 3D technology you can trust us to maintain a high standard and ensure attention to detail for all of your printing needs. We are here to help.

With more than 40 years of experience in the print design and production industry, Promotional Graphics Design works with experts in the field and has strong working relationships with reliable suppliers. The knowledge that this encompasses is invaluable to our clients. When you consider our long relationships with some of Perth’s best printers and media buying entities, it is an understatement to say that we can help our clients get the best deal and achieve their deadlines.

Our printing services cover all forms of print from conventional offset, through promotional screen-printing to contemporary digital methods and the latest 3D technology.

In particular, our hands-on experience means knowing when to recommend digital printing for short runs and quick turnarounds, or to suggest offset printing for larger runs with simultaneous 8-page double-sided productions. How about our sublimation or screen printing service for applying great graphics to clothes, uniforms, vinyl and so on? Our experience means we know what you need and how to do it best for you. We can advise you on the most efficient and cost effective way to get your message across whether it’s a simple press ad, an A5 leaflet, a multi-page brochure an annual report, a catalogue or a high end product. We design and create artwork specifically for each print format and manage the process from start to finish on your behalf, including media placement.

Additionally we can create your media plan, so that when it comes to choosing the right publication and media space, you get the best return on your advertising dollar investment.

We are able to advise you on the most cost effective way to get your message across, from a simple press ad to a multi-page brochure or annual report. Our artwork is specifically designed for each print format, and we can manage the process from start to finish, including media placement.