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Brochure + Catalogue

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Brochure design and print:
Eye-catching and relevant images that pack a punch with fresh fonts attract the eye. Brochures designed and produced by Promotional Graphics Design (PGD) fulfil their intent and are something clients will not forget.

We often see businesses make the mistake of including too much fluff in their brochures and fail to focus on the central message of a product or service. This results in an unclear purpose for consumers who can easily lose interest and move onto another company’s more engaging design.

Whether you want to highlight products, educate or inform, our brochure designs carry a clear message without clutter. The essence of a good brochure design is to be inspirational and informative while still maintaining clarity about your brand’s mission statement so potential clients will continue reading further into what you have written down. We have seen many mistakes that businesses make with brochures, including unnecessary filler text confusing the main message.

Promotional Graphics Design is your one-stop shop for a business brochure. We will work with you to design the final hard copy that can be posted, displayed and given out impressively in order to give your clients what they deserve.

Promotional Graphics Design makes designing a brochure easy; from start (planning) down through completion (printing), we deliver an impactful solution for businesses who want their message presented clearly and concisely on paper or online.

Catalogue design and print:
A catalogue layout that is clean, uncluttered with easy-to-find information is an art form we have perfected yet are always looking to improve.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Promotional Graphics Design consistently provides fresh designs that meet the needs of our loyal client base. We shine when it comes to the complex task of catalogue design and production for your business.

A catalogue is critical in helping clients make sense of your product base where all the information can easily be found.

Our extensive experience producing catalogues means we can efficiently collate all your inventory into a thoughtfully laid out and structured form, easy on the eye without unnecessary clutter.

Catalogues promise the detail your company has on offer in a way that can be personally shared and repeatedly reviewed. It’s what we’ve been doing for decades, so let us take the hard work out of your catalogue compilation with our superior design and production ideas.