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Radio Advertising

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Marketing is about communicating your services or products with your target audiences’ needs.

So, why not speak to those needs through radio advertising?

Promotional Graphics Design (PGD) knows radio advertising inside out.

The radio medium occupies a space in consumers’ lives that no other platform can match – it enables multi-tasking.

Over 90% of our adult population listen in to radio 20 hours a week, offering a huge audience into which advertisers can discretely tap. Listeners receive your marketing message whilst they continue their normal activities, without interrupting their workflows.

Promotional Graphics Design understand that knowing this is not enough.

Effectively using radio advertising as a marketing tool, requires the ability to create a meaningful message in the sound space. So, script concept, voice talent, effects design and soundscape production are a crucial part of our service.

The delicate balance between commercial radio creation, and effective placement on the station is one that Promotional Graphics Design has successfully undertaken for decades.

For the very best value for money in electronic media, Promotional Graphics Design expertly utilises radio advertising to deliver the goods.

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